Writing arrangements or compiling a music book from sheet music (music engraving/scoring) is less costly than writing from transcribed material. If there’s no sheet music, Tom needs to do the transcription first, and this time needs to be factored into the bill. Tom uses sibelius software to provide the finished score and this can be sent in pdf or paper format.

Music transcription fees vary on the internet from £55 per hour of work to £20 per minute of music (melody/chords) or £5 per bar of music. Music engraving fees alone range from £10-£20 per page of music.

Music transcription is painstaking work, and Tom aims to do it well. Rates are extremely fair, based on negotiated rates between the Musician's Union and American Federation of Musicians. Rates are as follows:

£40 per hour - transcription from audio recording
£20 per page - engraving (scoring from written manuscript)
£100 - transcription & engraving of a one off lead sheet or song (up to 2 pages)

A deposit is required prior to commencement of work. This is usually 50% of the quote.

Tom particularly specialises in the transcription & engraving of folk & traditional music, lead sheets, easy choir arrangements and depending on workload, Tom will consider easy piano & band arrangements. A Lead sheet is very simple to follow, but can include a lot of information:
Song structure

Tom can offer special rates to folk musicians looking to release a music book. This would be a joint venture, with him as co author/compiler and publisher (the person that prepares, and issues “printed” original works, compositions and musical arrangements. This work includes music transcription and/or engraving/scoring, complete design and production.

All books to be ordered direct from TomHughesMusic (min order of 50). Books printed with full colour cover and black and white inside.

Book will include complete design, editing, barcode, covers, introduction, contents, photos/illustrations (if required) and of course the tunes/songs in melody line and chords format.

Listing on Amazon. Plus, submission to: The British Library; Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford; Cambridge University Library; The National Library of Scotland; The Library of Trinity College, Dublin, The National Library of Wales and Vaughan Williams Memorial Library at Cecil Sharp House.

Also, promotion to various print and online folk magazines if required! Such as. The Living Tradition, Folk Life and Folk & Honey magazines.

Time-frame could take anything from 6-12 months if transcription is involved aswell as engraving. If written manuscript is provided, then turn around will be nearer 6 months. Terms will continue in perpetuity once the work is completed and the title released. Each case is individual so please get in contact for further details.