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The booking system is for use during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Current students who would usually receive lessons in a school setting will be invoiced a term in advance payable at the start of each term as per the terms agreed (14 lessons autumn term 2020). This system has been put into place to take into account that all children will be returning to school in September 2020 and therefore unavailable for lessons during school hours where since lockdown, the majority of lessons have taken place. It will also provide a degree of flexibility to fit your own schedule. For students at Mordiford School - please just book the first week available in September and this will be your regular/designated slot for the rest of the term.

Additional lessons are available outside 'normal' term-time each Tuesday on a 'pay as you go' basis to be paid 48h in advance.

For students who receive lessons in a non school setting, please book your lesson times in advance and commit to a regular schedule of weekly or fornightly lessons. (Fees to be paid 48h in advance of each lesson).

Lessons during August 2020 are on special offer at £10 per 20-minute lesson and £15 per 30-minute lesson.

These can be paid 48h in advance on a 'pay as you go' basis by BACS or

Standard Rates

Students (school setting) £12 per 20-minute lesson and £18 per 30-minute lesson

Students (non-school setting) £20 per 30-minute lesson

Selecting your lesson time

Please select your lesson times in the calendar below. You can book a block of lessons at the same time each week or choose to fit your schedule.

Lessons times in the calendar are automatically set to 30-minute slots but your lesson time will remain at the length you would normally have them. This allows preparation time and the tutor to write up lesson notes between each lesson. Just select the day, time, click confirm, enter the name of the student and contact email and it's booked!


Please give 48 hours notice in order to reschedule a lesson. Less than 48 hours notice will incur a charge at the standard rate agreed with the tutor. Refunds not provided.